Books and Films Throughout My Life

I remember very vividly my father reading The Water Babies by Charles Kingsley to me as a youngster.

My father also introduced me to Andre Norton and Robert Heinlein.

Tanith Lee was introduced to me by my mother, as was Patricia A McKillop and Sherri S Tepper.

In my early teens I became obsessed with Hickman and Weis, the Dragonlance Series; it was probably Raistlin that I was thinking of when I made Calico’s hair white.

Patricia C Wrede came into my life around the same time as Hickman and Weis, Dealing with Dragons.

I was reading Shakespeare as part of the school curriculum, featuring R & J, Othello, MacBeth, and took Classical Studies so was reading the Greek Tragedies, The Odyssey, the Illiad.

Around this time I was watching Star Trek Next Gen, Labyrinth, Interview with a Vampire and Batman Forever.

In my twenties, I read everything I could of Anne Rice – probably why I’m not a huge Vampire fan nowadays, I overdosed on it when I was younger!

I watched The Crow and it’s sequels, Romeo and Juliet and was bitterly disappointed by Queen of the Damned.

Star Trek Deep Space Nine and Voyager, and romances like Kate and Leopold. Rocky Horror Show made it into my collection.

I was introduced to Nora Roberts by a co-worker in my mid twenties, and from then went into JD Robb’s In Death series – for a while I collected those novels, and my bookshelf looked like a tribute to Nora!

I was twenty-eight when my sister introduced me to Stephanie Meyers, and twenty-nine when a different co-worker introduced me to Charlaine Harris.

Elizabeth and Elizabeth the Golden Age, Shakespeare in Love.

My mother introduced me to Diana Galbadon and my father to Bryce Courtney.

My mother put me onto the first series of Fringe and the first series of Game of Thrones (I got to the second episode of the second series of Game of Thrones, but my toddler was old enough to pay attention to the screen, so I had to edit my viewing accordingly), and also the book by the same title which I never really got into – mainly because with a young baby I found I needed a lighter story, easy and quick reading, without complicated story lines.

My mother introduced me to Robin Hobb and I have read the LiveShip Traders as well as the Farseer series.

I started watching the Tudors, and loved it!

It was around this time that my brother in law introduced me to Kindle, and my reading expanded to include Laurann Dohner, Evangeline Anderson, Tracy St John, Celia Kyle, and others, and an idea that had been in mind since I first read Charlaine Harris and Stephanie Meyers suddenly became feasible – to write my own!

Recently, I’ve been having a dry spell with books. I haven’t even been bothering to review those I’ve read, having nothing nice or even constructively critical to say about them, so I’ve been re-visiting my existing library in between writing my own.






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