Post Baby Miracle Snap-Back Bodies

I am so sick of seeing on the Women’s Magazines stories about the “post baby bodies” of celebs and models.

If we all had personal trainers, personal chefs, nannies, access to plastic surgery, and were photo-shopped into Barbie-perfection, I’m sure we could all meet these images of post baby perfection.

But the fact is that most of us, post baby, are sleep deprived, short on cash having most often reduced from two wages to one or 1.5, struggling to raise this wonderful new person we’ve created whilst being deprived of luxuries such as being able to close the toilet door and experiencing all sorts of bodily discoveries such as weak pelvic floors, breastfeeding, and stretch marks.

Somewhere in media world, a misogynistic sadist is whacking himself off to the emotional and mental pain of women worldwide.

Throughout history, women have been told that what they are naturally is not beautiful, they need to remould, wax, scrape, starve, pluck and paint in order to fit society’s image of “beauty”.

It’s the year 2014 and someone said recently on Facebook that feminism is no longer relevant in today’s world.

Feminism has evolved over the years, from votes, to equal rights in the eyes of the law, to being able to work without sexual harassment.

It is still relevant; we are still not equal, new forms of repression of women are being created daily. One example of this is the “post baby bodies” articles and the “how to be a perfect parent/wife post baby/housewife” guides that are being published.

According to these articles and posts, a woman has to be beautiful, bounce back to pre-baby condition within a ridiculous amount of time, whilst also maintaining the home to showroom condition, raise a mentally healthy child, have an active social life, be a sex-pot wife, have perfectly organised Tupperware cupboards, and return to a successful career.

We are setting unachievable levels of perfection, and creating depressed, unworthy, guilty mothers/wives/women.

Someone needs to smarten up and slap that misogynistic sadist where it hurts.

But we are to blame for fostering this harmful imagery, women! We buy the magazines, we forward the posts, we talk about losing weight and “tightening up” and (thanks Kyle Sandilands) “lunch shop lady arms”. If we did not buy into this market of self-hatred, it would not be a market.

So, before you reach for your next magazine, or forward that post, really think; are you giving money to that misogynist? are you propagating self-hatred amongst your friends and family? If in doubt; don’t buy! don’t post! Let’s take ownership of this and do something worthwhile for our daughters; let’s end this before it becomes their mental health issue.

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