Poisons and Priests… wicked things are coming your way!

Currently we are sitting at 153,000 without about 6,000 further to write before I wrap the first draft of Poisons and Priests.

My cover art is at second stage of design and my editor and chief beta reader is almost up to where I am currently writing (must write faster to keep ahead of her, lol)

Once I have her initial revisions in, I will send the second draft to my second round of beta readers for review.

Throughout May and early June we will be revising and editing, to hopefully polish out any flaws.

As soon as we’re satisfied, hopefully mid to late June, we’ll release via Smashwords!

I am very excited to be releasing Poisons and Priests soon. Things are getting very exciting in Rhyndel, and I can’t wait to share it with you!


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